The show-stopper dress


Detail, dress seen at AUT Graduate Show, 2016. Unknown designer. Image: Su Leslie

The Big T and I try to visit the graduate shows held at Auckland’s art & design schools each year, and while we haven’t been loving the “installations” that seem to be the latest trend in Fine Arts, we are usually really impressed by the work of design students.

This orange dress was a stand-out for me at the 2016 Auckland University of Technology show. I wish I’d noted down the designer’s name, but I really hope he or she is making a successful career post-degree.


Party dress. Seen at the graduate show for design student at the Auckland University of Technology, 2016. Unknown designer. Image: Su Leslie

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36 thoughts on “The show-stopper dress

    • Thanks Lori. I love the graduate shows for that reason. In the past, work (like paintings and sculptures) were for sale, and I have a very cherished painting bought from a graduate when I was just one myself. She’s still painting, and I still love that work.

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