Silent Sunday

It’s the first weekend of the school holidays, and the clocks went forward last night. Awake early (old-time early), I have been for a walk, enjoying my neighbours’ gardening skills.

For perhaps the first time ever, I met no-one. I saw and heard no cars. Truly a silent Sunday.

18 thoughts on “Silent Sunday

  1. I know that feeling – when school is back and quiet ends – for us it is after school busses do their pickups…
    and laughed with this:
    enjoying my neighboursโ€™ gardening skills.

    and it is a reminder that gardener’s may garden for self – but they bless the hood too

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    • Thanks Peter.
      I think you are about 20 hours behind us (Pacific Daylight Time?).
      I used to dislike daylight saving, especially when my son was little and it was so difficult to get him to go to bed while it was light, and I really liked being able to go walking early in the morning. But now I appreciate the long evenings more.

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  2. oh it’s a ranunculus, on the small screen I thought it was one of those thousand-petalled late rose…. I have usually a few roses to bloom into late November – and after the awfully hot and dry summer we had I had little hope of any roses – but hey, they are already there, again! Bliss
    Have a lovely (end of your) Sunday!

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    • Thanks so much Kiki. I am pretty hopeless with plant names. One day, I will devote time to developing a flower garden but until then I just appreciate my neighbours’ efforts. ๐Ÿ™‚ Hope you enjoyed your Sunday. Wishing you a great week ahead.

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