49 thoughts on “Saturday baking and second-hand book shopping

    • I know that feeling. I’ve got better at going shopping with a specific purpose and not buying every bargain I find. But the buying and returning process is good really, if it keeps the books in circulation.

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  1. That looks very tasty. I have been baking sourdough this morning too. I’m still a relative novice and things usually go horribly wrong at some point. Today I was thinking how smoothly it had all gone until I couldn’t get it out of the banneton or rather I could but it looked like it needed urgent skin reduction surgery. I baked the resulting mess anyway and it turned out pretty good – a lesson in not giving up, perhaps!

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    • I know that feeling!!! I have never had a perfect banneton loaf. These days, I tend to bake mostly in baking pans; partly because I don’t have to worry about them sticking, and partly because with only two of us, we end up freezing some of the bread. It’s easier to slice and fits better in the toaster if it’s been cooked in a pan. Focaccia is similar, just with a different kind of pan (I use a small roasting dish).

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  2. I read all the comments while I munched on my dry cereal (I don’t like milk) thinking that your sourdough bun would be a much better accompaniment to my morning coffee. So I just had to pretend. It was very good – thank you 🙂

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