Here’s looking at you (again) kid

The Big T is having Paris for real, so I’m hanging out here with Rick and Ilse. I’m not quite speaking along with the actors, but I have watched it a few times before.

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18 thoughts on “Here’s looking at you (again) kid

  1. One of my top five movies. I haven’t watched it in years (though I have seen it many times). Perhaps it’s time to watch it again. Enjoy! I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

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  2. Hehe! A couple of years ago I made a little drawing of exactly that scene! I think I even posted it. 😊 Just love this film! Thanks for reminding me, I think I’ll need to watch it again soon. 😉 xxxxxx

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    • I couldn’t resist going to your blog and finding the drawing — very cool.
      I was planning to binge-watch lots of old movies while T is away, but I discovered the Tales of the City TV series on one of the streaming services, and I’m watching that instead. I’ve read all the books in that series SOOO many times, and always resisted watching the TV show, but actually it is pretty good and funny to see actors as they were 25 years ago 🙂 xxxxx

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      • Just had a look too – and I’m cringing slightly because I think I could do better now! 😂 That’s the trouble with art, it’s very easy to feel embarrassed because of earlier pieces. 😁
        I’ve never watched that show – or read the books – but am going to add both you ever growing tbr. ☺ xxxxxxz

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      • I know what you mean. I look at old photos I took and just see flaws. But no cringing! Celebrate that you are becoming a better artist all the time, and that is because you keep producing new work 😀
        The Tales of the City books are brilliant (in my opinion). The TV show only covers the first book or two, so I’d probably skip it and go straight for the books.

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      • Yeah, us perfectionists really need to stop criticizing ourselves so much. 😉 And you´re so right, I should concentrate on the things I have achieved and not on what I couldn’t do back then. Thanks for reminding me, Su! ❤️


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