17 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

    • 😀 yes, I have very mixed feelings about that beach now. It is still beautiful, but if I look landward all I see is scraped earth and high-density housing. The earthworks have caused silt to flow into the sea which is destroying g Marine life. To make it worse, the area is a marine reserve and its very special ecosystem was incredibly healthy before the development began. ☹️


        • The development is adjacent to the reserve. Planning permission was given on the basis that the developers would ensure that pollution was avoided. They didn’t do that, and will probably be fined, but the fine is so small it won’t affect their profit, and the work wasn’t stopped, so the pollution continues. Our laws are inadequate and our local councils are pathetic.


          • It’s so sad to acknowledge how authorities disregard the mission that those who elected them trusted them to honor. To give the planning permission and to not follow up on what happened is irresponsible.


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