Kitchen medicine

Honey, lemon, cinnamon and cloves -- kitchen medicine for colds and coughs. Image: Su Leslie 2018 Hoping for some relief from my cold. Image; Su Leslie 2018

My “mindful spending” experiment has been thrown a curve-ball (or perhaps a life-line) in the form of a cold.

I’m feeling too sick to go anywhere and am self-medicating with lots of honey and lemon drinks.

32 thoughts on “Kitchen medicine

  1. I missed the “mindful spending” bit, but I’m sorry to read you’re under the weather. I hope the natural medicines help. I’ve read lots of good things about Manuka honey. We can buy it here, but it’s a bit expensive. I haven’t tried it yet.



  2. Adorn thyself with favourite jimjams, wrap up in thy loveliest blankey with things to drowse by/with/over and take thee to thy bed! Thou shalt declare thyself “on holiday!” from thy usual endeavours! 😘


    • It’s become incredibly e pensive here too because of the worldwide demand. Idiot “entrepreneurs” are wrecking productive land to create mono cultures of Manuka to make honey without any understanding of its place in ecosystems. Sigh.

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      • It’s the same old, same old – money ruling the world. It’s as if people can’t be happy with making a small profit, they have to keep on milking the ‘cash cow’ until it is all gone. I’m becoming more and more infuriated with the rich b****ards ruling spoiling the world.

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