In love with the lustre

obi-sash cushion lustre

Another up-cycled kimono sash cushion cover. Image: Su Leslie 2018

(Still) feeling too lethargic and woolly-headed from my cold to get out and do much, I am amusing myself with simple projects — like up-cycling kimono sashes (obi).

The latest cushion was made entirely from the silk in the sash itself and required very little sewing.

I love these fabrics; the beautiful colours and designs, and the wonderful lustre of the silk fibres.

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29 thoughts on “In love with the lustre

  1. We went to the doctor yesterday to try and find out why we are both so woolly headed too. I was pretty simple to diagnose: I’m pretty seriously anemic. What is worrying me is WHY I’m so anemic. I eat all the right food. Maybe not enough Vitamin C. Garry, on the other hand, needs a heart checkup. Funny how we have the same symptoms for entirely different reasons.

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  2. So sorry you’re still feeling wooly headed, Su. I admire how you can still be so creative – when I’m under the weather I usually curl up and hide. πŸ˜‰ The cushions are awesome – so bright and colourful, perfect for spring/ summer! Xxxxxx

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