Postcards from Sydney #2

I am definitely feeling my age — or perhaps just my arthritic knee.

I visited Sculpture by the Sea today, and found that by the time I got to the trail end at Tamarama Beach, my knee was aching and I was feeling quite tired.

I suspect this may partly have been due to how busy the exhibition was. Trying to enjoy art with so many people intent on taking selfies is exhausting.

With 107 sculptures being exhibited, there is so much to see, and I will go back — probably quite early in the morning to avoid the worst of the crowds.

In the meantime, here are a few images from my day.

Another glimpse of my home away from home. The balcony is proving to be a lovely place to enjoy breakfast and dinner — and a glass of wine as the sun goes down.

There seems to be quite a lot of sculptures featuring human forms at this year’s exhibition. Here are a few of them:

Detail, “Niemand”: Victor Fresno, 2015 (with friend). Full sculpture below.

Bank”: Mu Boyan, 2017. One of the most popular sculptures, judging by the crowds surrounding it.

Thoughts of Pinocchio”: Kim Bongsoo — and detail below.

Look inside my mind”: Studioex@UNSW

I’ll leave you with a shot I took outside a bookshop in Newtown. I like the Karen Walker quote (she’s a Kiwi fashion designer for those who don’t know), but I absolutely love the blind-date book idea. What should I choose?

41 thoughts on “Postcards from Sydney #2

  1. I love the exhibit. Thank you for going and making the trip for the rest of us. I’ll try to be more energized the next time our ArtPrize comes around, but honestly, if they don’t have a giant, blue head, I will be let down.

    Enjoy your potato-based beverage of choice. Report back!

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  2. What amazing artworks you’re bringing us, Su. And I’m not surprised you’re feeling whacked after that germ, and a getting ready for a trip on top. And it’s ALWAYS tiring if there’s a crowd to negotiate. The home away from home looks like a very a good idea.

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  3. Really wish I could be there with you and visiting this wonderful exhibition, Su! It looks fantastic! Live that pic with the young woman imitating the scrunched up face of the sculpture! And it’s amazing to see how many are fascinated by that big guy when you think about that we hardly get to see any realistic shapes on tv for instance. And I just adore the idea of a blind date with a book!!! 😄 xxxxxx


    • Yeah; it’s a tough one. I hate to think about the environmental impact of so many people — on the walkways, in terms of litter, travel, the extra takeaway coffees and food consumed. But I know a large number of artists and they thrive on having their work seen. This exhibition provides financial help to the artists and offers a number of cash awards. Plus the works are for sale.
      I love seeing art in interesting “out of the gallery” places, but I’m finding being in the city (even a great city like Sydney) exhausting. I will be ready for home and my quieter life tomorrow.

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