Postcards from Sydney #3

Damien Hirst Looking for Sharks, Cool Shit.

Short postcard today. I was up early, and walking the Bondi sculpture trail before 8am to avoid the heat and crowds.

Definitely the way to go– but my knee is paying for all the stairs and steep streets between Tamarama Beach and Bondi Road.

Walking, Wei Wang. Bronze sculpture, visitor and resting bird.

Sea Scene, Rebecca Rose (a New Zealand artist).

These were some of my favourite shots.

The other nice thing about getting to Bondi early, is that it left lots of time to do other things too. so I’ve been “playing tourist” wandering along Circular Quay and past the Opera House.

While I admire the exterior architecture, I’m not a great fan of the interior and couldn’t face the stairs up to the entrance.

Instead, I went to the NSW State Library.

Like the Victoria State Library in Melbourne, this is housed in a beautiful neo-classical building (oops, forgot to photograph the exterior I was so keen to see inside).

The main reading room is lovely

… and I was very taken with this ‘Curate your own Exhibition’ activity on the lower floor. There were two boxes of prints that people could put into the frames. A lovely way to engage visitors.

I’ll leave you with the sunset view from my balcony — sans wine tonight. I’m just too tired.

37 thoughts on “Postcards from Sydney #3

  1. I went into a fabulous library in Sydney, but I don’t remember that floor. Maybe a different library? The one I went in is at Circular Quay. I also recall those stairs and steps along the coast – I walked from Coogee to Bondi and boy was it a trek. Fortunately at the time my foot wasn’t playing up, but I wonder if that was the cause of my Achilles tendinitis once I returned home. Lovely sculptures and much better sans crowds. But an evening sans wine? o_O

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    • I think it would have been the Customhouse Library you went to. The State Library is on Macquarie Street, on the edge of the Botanic Gardens.
      The Bondi to Coogee walk IS a trek. But beautiful I imagine.
      Not too often I too tired for wine. It helped that there isn’t a bottle store nearby.

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  2. I saw the sculptures after work last night — I thought perhaps all the day visitors (no offence intended!) might have gone by then. And indeed the coastal path was no busier than an average day, though nowhere near as deserted as you’ve captured in your 8am shots. As usual, there’s a mix of interesting stuff and amusing stuff and “walk right past not interested” stuff. I can even recognise works by previous years’ exhibitors.

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  3. After seeing your post Su I have a real yearning to go visit Sydney. Lovely caught shot of walking with the addition of tourist and bird. A wine would be a great addition to that gorgeous sunset, cheers…🍸🍾

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  4. Love the first shot with the surfer in the background! The waves are definitely more important to him. 😉 And it clearly pays off to go early. Hope your knee gets better soon! Does ibuprofen help you? Xxxxx


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