Postcards from Sydney #4

This is my last night at the quirky and frankly brilliant Collectionist Hotel, so it’s fitting I begin by showing you some of the things that make this place so nice.

I’ve just left “happy hour” — a three hour evening ritual, where the staff put on complimentary drinks and nibbles for guests. I’m normally too introverted for anything like this, but I as arrived home, the lovely young man who has organised my late check-out offered me a drink, and it would have been rude to refuse. It’s a very nice beer (above) for anyone who’s interested.

In general I’m not a fan of Nespresso machines — or of any device that relies on single-use consumables. But, I have to admit, having one in my room has been brilliant. The coffee is really very good. And the little cup — which looks like a disposable — is ceramic.

Even better though is the presence of a jar of loose tea and a pot to make it in!! So much nicer than teabags.

My day has involved lots of art, lots of walking, and too much food (including some breakfast banana bread also provided by the hotel).

I’ve been to the Modern Art Museum and to the NSW Art Gallery. As with any gallery, there is much to love and a lot that I just don’t connect with.

I’ve realised from my photos on this trip, that I am more and more interested in three-dimensional art that works with the human form. My Bondi photos show this, and it was reinforced at the NSW Art Gallery tonight.

Walking, Wei Wang: seen at Sculpture by the Sea, Bipondi.

Shifting Horizons, April Pine. Sculpture by the Sea, Bondi.

The English Channel, Michael Parakowhai. NSW Art Gallery

Veiled Female Bust, Agathon Leonard, NSW Art Gallery

I like Sydney. It is in a beautiful location. There are so many places to eat. Public transport is frequent, reliable and seems affordable. People are really friendly, and everywhere you go there are directional signs with destinations and distances — for pedestrians and cyclists.

But: it is a city that seems to be “under construction.” Everywhere I look there are building sites and cranes and people in hard-hats. That means it is also very, very noisy. More than the traffic and the planes overhead, the sounds of construction are relentless.

Snapshot of development: the view from Pyrmont Bridge.

I have totally loved my time here, but I am looking forward to going home tomorrow.

35 thoughts on “Postcards from Sydney #4

  1. You have crammed so much into 4 days Su no wonder you are exhausted. I agree Sydney is a fantastic travel location, so much to see and do. I’m keeping an eye open for cheap fares to do a quick trip there…

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  2. OMG! I think I’m in love with that beautiful veiled female bust by Agathon Leonard. It’s definitely a sculpture I would love to own and admire every day.
    Like you I’m not a fan of those nespresso machines – so very bad for the environment – but I can see its attractiveness in hotel rooms, altough an electric water kettle would work for me too. πŸ˜‰
    I’m so glad you had such a lovely time in Sydney, it seems an amazing place and I’d love to visit it one day – hopefully they’ve finished all the construction work by then! Lol! 😁

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  3. Hi su – we were at a place two months ago and had bagged tea – and they had a big table with cups and hot water and tea bags – and I saw the little teapots on the table but did not know we could ask for loose tea – darn!
    And the construction shot does really speak 1,000 words – and we forget the noise that come s with it – glad you still had fun and really enjoyed the art you shared in this post-
    Of course you gave us a theme as you chose figures and statues – really enjoyed the art tonight – safe travels home


    • Another from the spam folder 😦
      I don’t often drink tea when I’m out, mainly because it is so disappointing. Here it is really common to get a pot of hot water, and a tea bag on the side. I mean ….. I have sent those back so many times with instructions on how to make tea 😦

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      • yeah – and some places have old tea bags – and actually- you know how I said that I had a tea table to share with you? well I will come back and share the link after this comment – but in the photo you can see Lipton tea bags.
        I am not slamming Lipton – because it can be a decent “by the bag” black tea. My dad liked Tetley bags – and Lipton was a backup.
        Anyhow, they had all these Lipton tea bags lined up and the only word that came to mind was “stale”
        tea has to be in closed container – whether bagged or loose leaf.
        they also had herbal teabags, in sealed pouches, and so we had berry tea.
        but the funny thing was the day we checked out – I learned they offered loose tea for post of tea in the room.
        wish I had known because I saw the teapots and maybe I just thought it was for hot water.

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  5. Lovely to see Sydney. It’s been at least 15 years since I was there and it was being built then! The sculptures look amazing, well taken photos of them as well! I loved NSW gallery as it was my first introduction to Eastern art.

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