Monday Macro

As part of his cafe racer motorcycle re-building project, the Big T has acquired a few old Automobile Association badges, including one that belonged to his grandfather.

You can’t see it in this shot, but each is stamped with an individual number. The historian in me is keen to find out if we can attach the numbers to individuals. An email to the AA is in order I think.

12 thoughts on “Monday Macro

    • So far I have found out that:
      1. The AA doesn’t make it easy to get in touch with them
      2. They don’t respond to email quickly (not even an acknowledgement)
      3. Some records (relating to a region of NZ where my badges DON’T come from) are held in an archive in Dunedin
      4. It doesn’t look like other region’s records have been archived in the same way

      Archives’ catalogues seem to have very little AA-related material, so I’m starting to wonder if a lot was thrown out when the regional clubs amalgamated. 😦

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      • That sounds nightmarish! And how odd that they don’t respond even in acknowledgment, kind of rude. And I think you might be right that lots of material got thrown away after amalgamating the regional clubs, what a shame.though. 😦

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