because it’s been a snackish sort of day

The beautiful day hinted at by some early-morning sunshine quickly gave way to another leaden-skied, rather cold weather offering.

A perfect day to spend in the kitchen, and work on a recipe for crackers using leftover sourdough starter.

The thing about sourdough is that, to work, it needs feeding. Growth is, if not exponential, then close to. And unless one bakes an awful lot of bread, there will inevitably be some starter that is surplus to requirement.

These crackers are quick, easy and require little more than some extra flour, a bit of butter and water, and a few herbs to jazz them up.

I’ll post the recipe if anyone is interested.

31 thoughts on “because it’s been a snackish sort of day

  1. This is the most delicious cracking cracker post ever…. BEEEEEAUTIFUL photography…. and yesssss pls add recipe, although I will never make them. Just for the fun of it! I,m just finishing breakfast and feel like crackers and a chunk of cheese right now 😉


  2. I have to come back to this delicious post – you know they remind me visually of our beloved ‘Fasnachtschüechli’ (now, if you can pronounce this word, you’re going straight to a place as one of my sisters, sweetheart!!!) of which I enclose a link – mind you, that’s just the visual bit, as our ‘kneepatches’ as the good ppl in Basle (Bâle, Basel) call them disrespectfully, are sweet with a load of powder-sugar on top of each deep-fry disc…. NOT for calory counting folks but gosh, too good to be had all year round…. That’s probably why they are only made and sold around carnival time (Fasnacht meaning carnival in Swiss German)….. There, a lesson on Swiss customs and idioms! Given with love…. don’t thank me!

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    • I’m famous for mangling language, so sisterhood may take a bit of time (and practice on my part). They do look soooo good, but with sugar … best to keep them for Fasnacht only. 😀


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