Time to brush up my printing skills

The problem with having a tidy-up is finding evidence of past enthusiasms and becoming side-tracked.

Once upon a time, an art teacher friend kindly showed me how to do lino block printing.

(My lack of talent is no reflection on her teaching abilities btw).

At that time I obviously acquired some blocks, carving tools, roller and ink. Today I found them again.

Cutting turns out to be easier than I remember, but I really need to work on the printing side of things.

But as my work-table graffiti tells me; it really is worth it.

30 thoughts on “Time to brush up my printing skills

    • I’m certainly finding that. Now that I’ve made a couple of prints, I have an idea in mind for Christmas cards, so I will do some more Lino-cuts, but then I’ll turn to something else. I always seem to have lots of projects on the go at once 😀

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  1. Su Leslie; this made me grin…. I LOVED doing this lino carving and kept a portrait of my dachsie for years and years. I even feel like beginning again – but maybe not right now! I have a whole house and 4 former house moves to consider…. right now!

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  2. These prints are so lovely, Su! I really love the look of lino prints but have never done it myself yet. My mum’s told me she has all the necessary materials so I think a visit is called for. 😉 xxx

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    • That sounds great. Perfect winter day activity for your mum and you 😀 I’m trying to find some ink in a softer colour (maybe even metallic) to print over some watercolour wash as an experiment. I love the look of old-style black & white Lino cuts, but had a more delicate vision for the project I have in mind. Love to see the results of your printing experiments.

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  3. One of the reasons my “play room/studio” (studio is maybe a bit of a tongue-in-cheek word) never gets totally tidied is for that very reason. Any way it feels more “creative” when messy…. I remember doing potato Lino uts a million years ago at school….good fun…

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  5. Your lino prints are very beautiful. I would love to try this one day. I’m guessing that like everything else in life, what looks easy usually is a lot harder to do. But like you said, it is really worth it.

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