Circles of light

The Big T is away and I am in full “sort my shit” mode. Which sent me to the garage in search of boxes. Which led me to the Christmas decorations.

Which of course led to a “ooh, shiny things” moment, and some playtime photographing twinkly lights.

Oh well; the tidying can begin again tomorrow.

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34 thoughts on “Circles of light

  1. Oh lordy, you sound like me. On track to tackle some stuff and then ooooh, shiny!
    I can’t get in the Christmas vibe. Youngest Son is in Japan on a school trip and I feel like I can’t start Christmas preparations until he comes back. Which is on the 21st December. I feel stress in my future…

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    • We never put up our tree until Christmas Eve. I always think two weeks is plenty long enough! Now we don’t bother with all that stuff. Though I do have a rope of dancing lights wound around the staircase which I switch on over the Christmas period.

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      • We used to put the tree up mid-December, with a fairly elaborate family dinner afterwards. Always a real tree despite T’s allergy to pine needles and mine to vacuuming the fallen ones up every day. I am glad we finally saw sense (or at least the boy child did).

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    • Wow about Japan trip, even though it’s holding up Xmas.
      Christmas has never been a great event for me, though I worked hard at it when the boy-child was younger. This is the first year he has two families to juggle — us and his partner’s (who live out of town). It will be interesting to see how it plays out.

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  2. Having had to spend the last two weeks clearing out my m-i-l’s house after she passed away in November I am going to be doing a lot of de-cluttering when I eventually return home. I haven’t got a lot in the way of ornaments any more, but there are still things that could be got rid of. Including clothes I will never wear again! I do like your photos. I usually fill a glass vase full of baubles as we don’t bother with a tree any more.

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  3. Now I’ve read a bit more about your Christmas deco ‘phobie’, I understand much better (don’t we always? Once we’ve got ourselves acquainted with the inner feelings and going ons of our next …?)
    Although I live in a house, it seems the space for our tree is always somewhat restricted… Hero Husband is quite accident prone and everything that’s not nailed to a firm surface is just something I have to be able to consider ‘broken, lost, damaged’ within hours or days. So, Christmas trees are usually complete for a very short time, which leaves me with plenty of opportunities to buy more breakable stuff next year! BUT I LOVE CHRISTMAS anyway – and Hero Husband!!! You learn to live with these things 🙂

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