Halcyon Days


The boy-child with Wham the wonder-dog, Ivinghoe Beacon, 2006. Image: Su Leslie, 2006

The boy-child is nearly 21, and proving to be a capable and resilient adult.

Which is just as well, as life seems to be buffeting him around a bit at the moment.

As a mother, I am incredibly proud of his independence and determination to solve his own problems, but I can’t help longing — just a little — for those days past when his greatest joys were to be had running around in the open air, and his tears could be dried with a hug and an offer of ice-cream. When I felt like I could actually make a difference in his life.


Whamball — a most excellent game involving the throwing and catching of a wonder-dog. Invented on our English holiday in 2006. Image: Su Leslie

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22 thoughts on “Halcyon Days

  1. What joyful pictures! He’s beautiful. And I know that feeling all too well. Little kids, little problems, big kids, big problems. Mine are 38 and 34, and their problems (and their joys) are still mine.

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  2. A job well done, I believe, if they can venture out on their own without fear. As others have said, no matter how old they become we mums still take their sadness and joys to heart. Hard to stand by and watch sometimes, but be proud you have brought him up to stand on his own two feet.

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