31 thoughts on “Friday flowers

  1. I’m hobbling along too. Beginning to think that maybe my issue is with varicose veins, though how that affects my foot goodness knows! Anyway recycle away. I cannot have enough of these pretty flowers and the bokeh is excellent. Wishing you happy holidays too Su. I’m just hoping for some DRY weather!!

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    • I’m so sorry to hear that Jude. 😦 My doc was at a bit of a loss to know what’s going on. It may be the beginning of osteoarthritis (joy heaped upon joy), so the new year may bring the X-rays, scans and MRI appointments.
      Wishing you some respite from the rain (and sunshine too). Actually I would like that as well. We’ve had thunder storms here and the humidity is beginning to annoy me.
      Noho ora mai — take care.

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    • Thank you my friend. I am being very careful of my ankle, but not knowing what is wrong with it makes knowing how to treat it difficult. Sometimes I’m fine walking around, then suddenly I have shooting pains that take ages to subside. Sigh.
      Hope you have a very happy Christmas and a restful, creative holiday.

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      • Did you try cool packs? Sounds a bit like stressed tendons to me (I’ve become an unwilling expert). My knee’s behaving badly too. Totally look forward to some relaxing during the holidays, yay! 😄xxx


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