24 thoughts on “Steampunk airship in garden — why not?

    • I couldn’t get into all the dressing up, but I do like the aesthetic. There is a new garden at Hamilton, based on the Katherine Mansfield story “The Garden Party.” It looks fabulous, but it was soooo busy when we were there I don’t get any good photos of it.

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  1. Oh! Sooo cool! Totally love this shot and the editing is fab, Su! Really have a very soft spot for Steampunk and dream of dressing up with those lovely corsages and awesome accessories. Maybe one day… 😄 xxxxxx

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    • 😀 thank you. Steampunk seems to have really taken off here, with a least two small towns holding really quite big Steampunk festivals each year. T really likes the idea of us dressing up, but I’m not crazy about corsets these days. I’d have to invent a slightly androgynous character for myself — one that can wear comfortable clothes 😂😂

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