Older than the neighbours

Ferry terminal, Auckland. Designed by Alexander Wiseman and completed in 1912. Image: Su Leslie 2018

Not old by international standards — nor even amongst the earliest buildings in Auckland — but the Ferry Terminal is one of the few remaining stone buildings in a CBD increasingly crowded with steel and glass towers.

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28 thoughts on “Older than the neighbours

  1. I hope it is under protection, would be horrible to lose such a charming building. CBDs all over the world look so much alike that it is only by keeping some historic buildings that makes them worth visiting.

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    • πŸ™‚ It is listed by Heritage NZ and so protected. With tourism so important to NZ, and the ferries playing quite a big part in Auckland tourism, I think its beauty is being appreciated more. Thank goodness!!!!

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  2. I love old stone buildings. There is a warmth and grandness about them that no glass and concrete tower can ever hope to compete. I doubt that in a 100 years people will be looking at them and marvelling at their beauty and craftsmanship.


  3. What a lovely jewel of the old decadent days! Too bad though that they surround it with those rather dull skyscrapers, but it happens everywhere and we can count ourselves lucky if they let the old ones stay.

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