2018 through my lens

In the final Lens-Artists photo challenge for 2018, Ann-Christine asks us to review our photos of the past year and share some favourites.

There are threads that run through all my photography: preferred subjects, lenses, and styles of composition. Food, flowers, beaches and art are always well-represented in the archive.


The first plums harvested from our tree. Image: Su Leslie 2018

My enjoyment of food photography is a natural extension of my passion for food. What I like best about the shot above is that it was my first (and only) “take.” I don’t have a dedicated studio, and have to construct a set-up for every shoot. Because I’ve done the close-up-on-black-background style of photography before, I was able to set this up really quickly and got the shot I wanted first time.

What’s not to love about dramatic landscapes?

Manukau Heads, from Huia. Auckland, New Zealand. Su Leslie 2018

Manukau Heads, from Huia. Auckland, New Zealand. Su Leslie 2018


Old garage, Whangaehu, Whanganui. Image: Su Leslie 2018


Morning walk, Greenhithe. Image: Su Leslie 2018

Or beautiful flowers?

I like the shots below because they not only remind me of a great visit to Sydney to indulge in my passion for art, but about being in the right place at the right time.

This year, my interest in art has taken a new direction with an on-going commission to photograph the life of a friend’s art studio. Because it’s both a working and teaching space, I have suddenly found myself learning to take portraits — not only of a dear friend but also the many students she teaches, and a couple of events the studio has hosted.

I’ve chosen the portraits above, not because I think they are necessarily great photos, but because they represent moments in women’s lives that I was privileged to be able to share.

My favourite photograph of 2018 is another portrait.


The Big T, with whom I’ve shared my life for 32 years, doesn’t generally like being photographed, so allowing me to point my camera at him is an act of generosity, if not love. For which I am really grateful.

t portrait nov 2018

The Big T. Image: Su Leslie 2018

Wishing you all a very happy and creative year ahead.

63 thoughts on “2018 through my lens

  1. You are very talented with an artists eye for a wide ranging portfolio. Thank you for introducing us to Big T. Wishing you health, especially in the leg department and happiness with lots of photo ops in 2019

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  2. I love your photography (except that the foodie shots always make me drool which is not a good look) and your creativeness. I see no examples of your lovely sewing here, which are also truly creative works of art. Best of luck in the new year Su with all your plans. And I look forward to seeing more of your photos. HNY to you and Big T and the boy πŸ˜€

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  3. Fabulous choice here and your great guy T has a GOOD face; ie he most certainly has a good character too…. So, good choices all round!
    Have a very beautiful, photo-rich, healthy, serene and happy New Year, my new friend. Let’s lift our glass to a surely wonderful 2019!

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  4. I so admire your talent for photography. And Morning Walk gives me a warm, wonderful feeling, so thank you for that one in particular. Keep it up in 2019! Helping to spread beauty throughout the world . . .

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  5. As you hopefully know – I love ALL of you photographs, Su! So this post is a real treat because it combines your many talents in that field perfectly! It’s rare for a photographer to be so good at that many different disciplines but you do and it’s a privilege to be able to witness your process in becoming that amazing artist I know you are. I love your landscapes because they catch so much magic in that one moment. I love your food shots because – surprise, surprise! – I love your food. I love your portraits because they let people shine in their inner light that’s so often hidden from view. And I love your macros because they give us that sense of magic in the small things that often matter most. Thank you, my friend! Xxxxxxxx

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  6. This gallery is one of the nicest I have ever seen. The still life of the plums is superb and all the portraits are very special, I feel absolutely drawn to them. You are a very gifted photographer! Wishing you many happy moments with camera in 2019. ❀

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