“Hospitality: making your guests feel like they’re at home, even if you wish they were.” – Justine Vogt

As an introvert, I really love this quote.

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39 thoughts on “Hospitality

  1. I LOVE that quote! Never heard it but I can see exactly where it goes…. 😉 I also LOVE to invite and I think I‘m really good at informal hospitality but I also often feel like Justine Vogt!

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  2. That made me smile and it can be so true. I know what you mean about just so long. I loved having everyone here for Christmas but there was a time or two where I had to get out and just be by myself for a bit. I loved having them here and I love having the house to ourselves again. 🙂

    (Lovely shots, BTW.)


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    • Janet; we have for over 4 months already a ‚needy‘ woman with us in our house who was chucked out by her long-term male friend and in dire need of a roof, food and comfort….. And although she is out all day and spends most weekends with her sister, I often feel like Justine. Hero Husband and I had most of this week to ourselves and it was HEAVEN. Staying in bed all hours, putting washing on at add hours (she has taken the room next to the laundry), playing music at midnight….. little things and it‘s not that she is a pain, it‘s just that she is here (and she often says how much she feels at home at ours, how peaceful and restful it is) but I might have been less inviting had I known that the ‚express invite‘ was an ongoing one…..
      Having said that I wouldn‘t send her away, she is very agreeable and discrete, it‘s rather the saying we have in Switzerland: Friends are like fish; they are fine and fresh company for 2 days, after that they begin to stink…. not very pc towards the fish, but there you go! 😉

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      • Bless you both for taking her in, but it can be difficult. We can be different with family, but eventually, I think it’s nice to have your house back. Benjamin Franklin had a very similar saying to the one you quoted, “Guests, like fish, begin to smell after three days.”


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      • You are very kind to take her in, but I think that after four months, she is taking advantage of your hospitality.
        I understand what you mean; no matter how agreeable someone is, unless you have chosen to live with them, their presence upsets the minute rhythms of home life.

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        • It IS difficult to find a rental flat for little money and it must be in the vicinity of her work…. But I didn’t think it would stretch to such length and there is no end in view… Apart from that I’m not complaining, it was me who said OUI or even ‘worse’, who invited her…. Hero Husband works abroad so there was no veto from him!

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    • I totally understand that. As an adult, I’ve never lived in the same area as any of my family members, so when we see each other, its for days at a time. Drives me crazy! I actually stay in a hotel when I visit my dad because, no matter how much I love him, I couldn’t enjoy the visit without the personal space that a hotel provides.

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  3. We are channeling the same vibe again. I began a post this morning that is not finished on the care someone took recently when they invited a few of us to their home. It was hospitality at its finest :-). Nothing better!

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