Sunset, Oamaru Harbour, New Zealand. Su Leslie 2018

All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware. — Martin Buber

I’ve never been particularly into the “here we are at the Eiffel Tower” type of travel photos, and as my choice of travel destination has become less and less “tourist hotspot”, my photos focus more and more on the small, the quirky and most of all — the natural landscape.

Looking at images from recent trips, I realise the thread that runs most strongly through them is water — and especially bodies of water during the “golden hours.”

Evening, South Beach, Whanganui, New Zealand. Su Leslie 2018

So perhaps, in Buber’s words, my “secret destination” is a beach at sunset. And it’s true that no mater where I am in the world, if I can end my day watching the sun go down over water, I will feel at peace.

Burke Street Wharf, Thames, New Zealand. Su Leslie 2017.

Mahurangi Harbour, Mahurangi East, New Zealand. Su Leslie 2018.

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