Too pretty to ignore (Friday flowers, part 2)

Hydrangea. Image: Su Leslie 2019

We’ve had a couple of days in Rotorua so the Big T could explore the mountain bike trails. I’ve enjoyed relaxing in the hotel pool and a few walks in Government Gardens, where the hydrangeas are looking particularly lovely.

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17 thoughts on “Too pretty to ignore (Friday flowers, part 2)

  1. aaah, all that iron in the soil – I have to lay rusty nails to the roots of my hydrangeas to get my (very light) blue – but alas, we take what we can get!!!! Bought a white hydrangea in a pot some years ago and it turned first completely green!!! (lovely!!!!) and then a tired pink – it’s funny, the more we mess with nature, the more surprises we get (no NOT funny really…)

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  2. You have captured the light on this flower so beautifully, This is a lovely colour. I want a dark one to go with my white hydrangea in the front courtyard. The Government Gardens sound like a very nice place for a wander.


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