A beautiful memory

Close up shot of cat sitting on couch back. Image: Su Leslie, 2016

It’s been two years since our very sick fur-baby walked out of the house and didn’t return. I believe she died on her own terms, but it took months, if not years, for us to stop seeing imaginary flashes of movement, and rushing to open the door to the sound of phantom scratching.

This morning I missed her particularly badly. Until my runny nose and sneezing began and I remembered how her (utterly wonderful) presence had started to trigger my allergies.

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32 thoughts on “A beautiful memory

  1. I am so sorry, Su. I had the fortune (misfortune?) to have had indoor only cats so I held mine until the very end when we had them put down. I wish they could let us know when it is time, because no matter what, the memories always bring tears.

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    • Thank you. We knew she was very ill, and were hand feeding her and making sure she had water, and we kept telling each other that as soon as she seemed to be in pain we’d take her to the vet, but I guess our assessment wasn’t a patch on her own.

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  2. She was a beauty – very much like my cream tortie, Moppet, who was such a sweet-natured cat (unlike her mother) and ace at playing football with marbles!! Our pets always have a place in our hearts.
    Sending hugs ((( ))) xx

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    • Thanks Jude. She was gorgeous, and had the softest fur. She was almost 17 when we lost her, so lots of wonderful memories — and a very large hole in our lives. And you are right; pets hold a very special space.
      I’m impressed by the marble-football. Our carpets “retired” to the sunshine pretty quickly. The neighbourhood lizards and cross-the-road’s dog were pleased!!


  3. So very sorry for your loss, Sue. Such a beautiful cat she was. This picture brought back memories. Our beloved tabby who looked very alike, just darker with the same emerald green eyes, got a bad gum infection after a surgery, and didn’t respond to any treatment. At the last stages, he didn’t want to leave my lap, and slept under my blanket every night. Then one morning he went to the door and asked to let him out. Of course I didn’t want to, but he cried and looked at me the way I knew I had to do it. I thought he wanted to have the last stroll, and waited for him to return. He never did. I think he didn’t want to upset me, and decided to die alone. We looked for his body for months. I still cry when I write this, 19 years later.

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    • Oh Inese; I understand exactly how you feel. In her last days our baby was much the same. Our son was visiting, and had been holding her. She struggled off his lap, went to the door, looked back at us and that was it. I sometimes wonder if she was waiting for the boy to come and say goodbye, as she had been a part of his life since we was two years old. I’m in tears now thinking of both our beloved cats.

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      • I have no doubts that she was waiting for the boy to see him one more time. My daughter’s cat was dying in July 2016. Each of the family members spent an hour with him to say good bye. He didn’t eat or drink anymore. Then for no reason he started getting better overnight. He recovered. Their third daughter was born in August and the cat’s health started declining again after a month. Yet he sit next to the baby’s rocker, and loved everyone’s company. He died in October. Sure he heard the baby’s heartbeat and decided to stay a little longer. There is no measure of their love for their family. May they run free in heaven and wait for us to be together again.

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  4. That must have been so hard, waiting for your sweetie to come back and then realizing that she wouldn’t. 😦
    And I’ve read your comment about maybe fostering a kitty to see if your allergies are kicking in or not – I think it’s a good idea, that way you can be sure. And maybe you’re lucky… ☺ xxxxxxx

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