Bee happy

Increasingly, one of my greatest pleasures while travelling is discovering new public gardens.

Today it was Victoria Esplanade, in Palmerston North. I arrived a little late to explore much of the park, but was very happy wandering around the gardens near the cafe, watching bees feasting on the abundant flowers.

50 thoughts on “Bee happy

  1. So lovely – longing now for some activity in nature. Love bees and gardens. Palmerston North brings back memories…As a young girl, I had a pen-friend there for many years, but then we lost contact. When we traveled in NZ some years ago, I tried to find her again. I even became a member of her old school and wrote letters to the people she had mentioned in her letters – never got any answer. So sad. Maybe she migrated to Australia? Or she just did not want to meet. It would have been so wonderful to sit down for a chat over the old days and listen to each others’ stories.

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  2. Love bees! Love gardens. Palmerston North rang a bell when I read the name. The young man I travelled overland with in 1973 spent some time living there with his father. Unfortunately he also spent time living with his mother in South Africa…

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