38 thoughts on “His and hers steak night Saturday

          • well it is good that you listen to your body….
            sounds like you are very in tune.
            But in some cases there has been subtle brainwashing and conditioning to make all red meat the bad guy and so many people have made it look like the heart attack bad-for-you food when “good grass-fed” steak is actually an elixir and can help heal the body. I have personal stories from our family – and in some of our health circles have more.
            and again – you know your body –
            but even recently my hubs was down with touch of some virus – made half a steak – in cast iron pan – cut it up and it breathed new life into him.
            I know not all red meat is created equal – and that was biggest lesson I learned…

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          • I read a really interesting book about how saturated fats (and meat in particular) was turned into the bad guy.
            For me, the environmental impact of growing animals as human food is a big part of my reason to have a mainly plant-based diet. But I’m conscious of the need for balance, and I will eat what my body craves.

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  1. Su, Iβ€˜ll have β€šhisβ€˜ for a change! And β€šhisβ€˜ red wine too πŸ™‚
    I eat very little meat but although I know Tofu for years and decades, it doesnβ€˜t do anything for me (and I know about giving it a β€štasteβ€˜ – itβ€˜s hopeless)
    But Iβ€˜m happy for you…. and Thank You for cooking differently for him and her; THATβ€˜S LOVE!

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