Monday Macro

sunflower macro

Seeing into the heart. Sunflower. Image: Su Leslie 2019 (click to enlarge)

It’s turned overcast today, and for the first time in ages I wake to grey skies — and sunflowers.

Posted to Macro Monday and the Ragtag Photo Prompt | colour

22 thoughts on “Monday Macro

      • Ouch, and haven’t you already got an injury you are getting over? Parts of England had the same problem last summer, hard to believe isn’t it. We haven’t had rain for over a month and a half, don’t quote me on that though it is over a month.

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        • Arthritic knee!! I was suffering a lot of pain in the other leg as it tried to compensate. The physio has given me an exercise programme to strengthen my knee, and I’ve been feeling much better.
          We haven’t had any proper rain for about as long. A few drizzly morning showers, but gone before they can have any impact.


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