31 thoughts on “Diametrically opposed

    • Thank you. I am very nervous about printing my photos. I think that making them into something real seems like I’m saying they’re good enough, and so yet I don’t feel that. Silly I know, when there are places around where I could exhibit one or two. πŸ˜•

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      • I know that feeling very well and understand your reluctance… BUT you really have no reason whatsoever to feel this way, Su!! Please think about asking the people who run these places about the possibility to exhibit.Worst thing that could happen is they tell you no, but honestly I don’t see that coming. 😊 They would be stupid to turn you down!

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        • Thank you for your support and understanding Sarah. The silly thing is, I can put work into group shows at a couple of local arts centres that have open exhibitions. I’d just pay a few dollars for each work, and if it sells, they take a commission. I have been to some of the shows recently, and am a bit intimidated by not so much how good the other photos are, but that they are photographing different things to me.
          I hate being so unconfident 😦

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          • I think I know how you feel about those group exhibition, Su. And I must say that most of the time I visit such exhibitions I’m not really enthusiastic about the hodgepodge of such different styles and subjects, it kind of irritates me I guess. But it’s probably the way to get started. Also, I think your works would very likely outshine all the others so go for it. πŸ˜‰
            I’ve once read that most of the time not the artists who are the best in their genre but the ones who are loudest at sharing their work are those who simply get all the attention. That would explain a lot, I think. πŸ˜‰

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          • I think you are right. A friend recently put a couple of paintings in a show at a local arts centre, and both were sited out of the way, in the corridor next to the toilets. She was devastated. And to make it worse — her work was by far the absolute best in the show.
            I guess a lot of the curation of these shows is about “who you know” especially at community arts centres where there are lots of volunteers.

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          • I’m so sorry for your friend, that’s just awful. It really sounds like you have to be best friends with the curator to get a better place in a show. 😦
            A couple of years ago I participated in a “friend’s” Christmas market in her atelier. I had to pay her a little fee for this too, and what did she do? Placed my art works (mostly ceramics) in the worst possible corner where none of the visitors ever ventured. Needless to say that I didn’t do it again.

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          • That’s horrible. I get really angry when people take money for a β€œservice” then behave so badly. I know some work has to be in the corners and at the back, but it should never be all the same person’s. Grrr.

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