Reading and writing

“This book is for the reader who seeks a language with which to counter the development imperative in our accelerating culture. The various crises we encounter — ecological, economic or psychological — are very much the result of a blinkered philosophy of endless growth and cultural acceleration.”

— from the Introduction to Stand Firm

Definitely words to reflect on and process in my journal (over coffee and an early hot cross bun).

And an image for the Ragtag Daily Prompt | book

20 thoughts on “Reading and writing

  1. Self help books are good to a point. What you can get from a novel is more intangible. As for the development imperative, the public seem to forget that the world is a finite entity and can withstand only so much before it busts. Western economic growth is founded on ever increasing productivity, continuance of cheap raw materials and labour, not sustainability. #OneWorld Let’s change it.

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  2. Love everything about this pithy post, Su. 🙂 I read lots of novels, although mostly mysteries and thrillers. I also like (some) non-fiction, but don’t do that nearly as much. Just checked our library and partner libraries, but no copies here.


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    • That’s a shame; though these days you can probably get the gist of his arguments from the internet 😬 I’m also a great lover of mystery stories — an ever-growing genre, so I feel very well supplied.

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