29 thoughts on “Line ‘em up

      • Quick story – my son got a similar sampler a while again when we met him and his gf for dinner.
        He was not in the mood for a lot and it was perfect – well
        One of them spilled and the server walked by and said “oh – let me replace that for you”
        Nice of her.
        Get home and eat looked at the bill and there was $1.50 added on for it.
        Not being a total cheapskate – but she should have said “there is a fee”

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          • Yes and we left her a hefty tip cos she was super cool – but I was kind of pissed because of the way she offered – and your rely validated my response at home later –
            Not the money – the way she did it-
            The flip side is another story
            We were at the same chain – different location – it was happy hour so high end drafts were 3$ (some cost 9 and 12)
            Hubs didn’t know and he ordered an 8$ bottle of something – they were out of it – and I was trying to tell him about drafty specials but he didn’t get my eye movements that time (donwe shin kick?)
            Wel when they were out of it – his choice B was free
            Yup – good server

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          • Yes – you are right, and she was so cool that we stayed there to dine (it was actually a bartender) and we were waiting for a table – they finally came to get us and we all (4) said – let’s just stay – glad we did

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