The waiting is the hardest part


Two weeks down, two to go. My recipe says keep for a month before opening. Image: Su Leslie 2019

Pickled onions are a favourite in this house; easy to make and so delicious.

Tom Petty was a favourite too. He’s one of those artists I have to remind myself is no longer with us.

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26 thoughts on “The waiting is the hardest part

  1. love that Petty song….
    and the photo is giant and wonderful –
    side ntoe 0 we are making our first batch of kombucha and it is slower than the directions said – supposed to see a film in ten days and it has been 20 and we just saw a little layer – but fun to try (Home depot had a kit for 40$)

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  2. Su, I remember pickled onions! Supplanted by exotica like gherkins, in my case.
    Thank you for your comment on today’s Cat Thinkies– I agree, but decided belatedly to block comments for this post. Last time the topic attracted some beastlies, and life, though long, is too short for that.

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    • I understand. So far I’ve found WP a much less beastly place than other social media, but I think I occupy a particularly cozy corner.
      I’ve never pickled gherkins, though I probably should as I find the bought ones far too sweet. But then I’d have to grow lots of cucumber I suppose 🤨

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  3. Yummy! I love Pickled onions. I love onion in everything actually. I hardly could wait a month. 😀 And I could listen to Tom Patty all day long. Thanks for the link to the recipe. By the way, very nice photo of your Pickled onions jar.

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    • I think you could quite happily skip the honey. I’m sure I have with this recipe. It helps to soften the malt vinegar, but if you’re ok with that, then leave sweetener out.


  4. Love them too. Love also onion chutney – with cheeses, I love the sweet-sour tang of onions and honey, just be easy on the sugary bit, it needs to give your taste buds a sensational feeling….

    On a different note: What a handsome man Tom was – and the music is so relateable and ‚listenable‘…..

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    • Agreed: I find so many foods just too sweet. It’s one of the reasons I make so much myself rather than buying pre-made.
      I’ve been listening to The Travelling Wilbury’s lately — so many great talents in that band now gone 😦

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