A man, a boat, and a beautiful evening


Image: Su Leslie 2017

I’m not much of a sailor, but today has been a tiring day of petty frustrations, and I rather like the idea of casting off in a little boat and just sailing away for a while.


Image: Su Leslie 2017

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45 thoughts on “A man, a boat, and a beautiful evening

  1. Neither am I mostly for the fact that although I worship the water, Iβ€˜m getting β€šseasickβ€˜ quickly, even on a large lake – but still, I am totally with you – when I lived near a lake, I often took a book with me and took a boat cruise on said lake, rain or shine, often one of few passengers, and I calmed down, watched the world go by, settled my thoughts, maybe read – or not – and went off the ship in much better form.
    Hope your weekend will be better πŸ™‚

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  2. How very beautiful, there is nothing better than evening light on calm water to soothe the soul, and the man in the boat just adds to the tranquil atmosphere you have cleverly captured here Su.

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