42 thoughts on “Up-cycling project for the boy-child’s room

  1. you are so right. It looks a great desk and it will be a super-great desk when finished. I got to know and love the ‘white wash’ (lime wash) in England, never heard of it before and it changed my life…. (you add lime to the paint and the paint itself is a bit watery, hence slightly transparent). It makes ‘status symbols’ of outcasts from the post-hippy-, post shabby-chic furniture. Show us your results when you’re done, will you?!

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      • I wouldn‘t worry too much, as it is a bit transparent anyway, any bruise/bump/damage would immediately become a part of the desk…. it would even be ideal! In any case, if the desk gets moved around a lot (or a bit), it won‘t look better for appearance, so whether he throws it out at 25/30/35yrs it‘s not a piece of furniture to accompany him through the rest of his life.

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    • I love the roll-top kind!!!
      It’s funny I’ve never owned one or had much interest in them, but the more I think about small-space living, the more I’m realising how genius they are. Especially in these hand-held device days. And — after I’d promised it to the boy-child — T commented that it would make a great art desk.
      Now I need to find another one!!

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    • I think they are a piece of furniture whose time has come again. They have lots of storage, take up very little space and are perfect for laptops and iPads. I’m hoping to find another one for myself!!
      And yes, there will be progress reports.

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  2. What a wonderful new project, Su!! I already know it will look splendid when finished and look forward to your pics! Lucky boy-child. 😉
    Really love these kind of desks but never had one myself, maybe one day. One with a roll-top would be even cooler! 😄

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