More interested in the wrapping

The Big T has been going through tools boxes belonging to his father and grandfather. Yesterday he found this wire gauge — wrapped in a page from the New Zealand Herald, Saturday July 16, 1966. On one side are the entertainment listings; Thunderball or The Great Race perhaps, or a night of caberet at El Cortez — “wine, dine and dance.” On the other side are the birth and death announcements.

The wire gauge maybe more useful, but the newspaper is fascinating to me.

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23 thoughts on “More interested in the wrapping

  1. I have an old gardening book that belonged to my grandmother. She put clippings of articles from old newspapers in it. They are a delight to look at. Love those old newspapers.

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  2. What an interesting newspaper discovery, Su! It reminds of a field trip of my class many many years ago, when I took my students to an old log house, which was used for the fallers in 40’s. There we found newspapers, which were used between the logs for insulation. The kids were also more interested in the news of a time, when they had not been born yet.
    Happy Easter, Su!

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  3. Firstly, this is a stunning photo. And what a nice discovery. That newspaper is a treasure for sure. My dad gave me some old newspapers that he found when demolishing my grandma’s old house. They used to insulate the home with them. The one he gave me dates from 1903! I framed it.

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