Easter memories

The boy-child with a box of hand-painted eggs, ready for the annual Easter Egg roll on Mt Victoria, Devonport, NZ. Image: Su Leslie The boy-child at 8; with a box of hand-painted eggs ready for our annual Easter Egg rolling outings. Image: Su Leslie, 2006

It’s been a long time since our last Easter Egg rolling event, but happy memories remain.

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39 thoughts on “Easter memories

  1. Now that’s a picture! My first thought: boy does that look like an Irish Easter. Not just because he has such red hair, but the setting reminds me of Ireland.

    So, is there Gaelic heritage or countryside in the image? Or am I just bewitched by the pixie child from years gone by?

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    • NZ is very green, like Ireland. And topographically like the hilly bits of Scotland (and probably Ireland too). The boy is all Scots on my side, and a mix on his dad’s. We definitely suspect some Viking influences. 😀

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    • That’s true. My redhead came to dinner on Sunday night, and went home with a couple of chocolate bunnies, but I do miss the traditions. T’s cousin, who lives near us, has a two year old son and we’re thinking that by next Easter he might be old enough for an egg hunt. 🤨


    • Thank you. I used to believe it was some sort of tradition (probably British) until we started doing it, and people claimed never to have heard of it. So I’m wondering if I dreamed the “tradition” part and actually made it up.
      They were cooked; I’d hate to have left a mess of broken eggs all over the park where we rolled them.

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      • LOL! Well, traditions have to come from somewhere, so why not invent your own? 😀 It sounds like a lot of fun too, so my guess is, more people are willing to pick it up. In a couple of hundred years they will wonder who started the hype. 😉


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