Getting creative with an old desk


Refurbished; old writing desk bought from a charity shop. Image: Su Leslie 2019

My student son lives in a shared flat, which means he has to keep most of his belongings in his bedroom, and work there too when the shared spaces get too busy or noisy.

So when I saw an old drop-front writing desk, it seemed a perfect solution to his need for both a workspace and storage.

In its original state, the desk was a bit dull and sad-looking, but it’s amazing what a few coats of white paint can do!


As bought. The wooden finish was a bit shabby, and too dark for a small bedroom. Image: Su Leslie 2019

I remember from my flatting days that rented houses never have enough lights or power points, they’re always in the wrong place, and there’s generally nothing you can do about it. So with the Big T’s help, I’ve fitted power and lighting to the desk itself, with a four-outlet power board (with USB ports) and a LED light above the desk area.


Integrated power-board makes it easy to use/charge laptop, phone, etc. Image: Su Leslie 2019


LED light attached to the desk should make the work area usable in any room. Image: Su Leslie 2019


Imagining how the desk would look as my workspace. Image: Su Leslie 2019


Image: Su Leslie 2019

Having brought the desk indoors to photograph it, I’m realising how useful I’d find something like this. And it does look good with the black & white chair.

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38 thoughts on “Getting creative with an old desk

  1. oh this is WONDERFUL; I particularly love the inset of light and power outlets AND the fact that you kept the wooden handles. It makes a gorgeous statement of a well handled transformation. Your son hopefully appreciates greatly and is proud of his DIY parents!


  2. Although generally I prefer natural wood to painted, this really does look better painted. And how creative to include a power strip (as well call them) installed on the desk! I hope he enjoys and appreciates it.

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    • Thanks Amy. I’m kind of the opposite. Unless it is really pale, I find natural wood too dark and over-powering in rooms.
      He’s very happy with his new desk, and I hope it makes studying easier (not to mention reducing the clutter in his room a bit) πŸ™‚

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  3. We have added lighting sets to many items of furniture, especially where there’s a lot of electronics in use. Between the devices and the chargers, you need a staggering amount of connection. It has now moved into the bedroom because Garry needs chargers for his batteries too, not to mention the TV and the headphones and my Kindle, Mac Airbook — and the chargers. No one’s house is adequately wired these days. I don’t think anyone ever imagined we’d need so may plugs!

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    • That’s my thinking too. We renovated this house a few years ago and added lots of power-points, but even so, we use power-boards all over the place.
      Adding lighting to furniture is such a good idea; I can’t believe it took me so long to think of it. Though I guess LED technology makes it much more feasible than in the past.


  4. Wow! Just wow! What a transformation, Su! You made it look like something out of a fashion magazine! It’s really amazing what a few coats of paint can do, isn’t it? That chair really does fit the look too. If the boy-child doesn’t want it, I will!! πŸ˜„πŸ˜‰ And adding that extra power sockets is sooo cool! Xxxxx


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