21 thoughts on “When spiders play Cat’s Cradle with the rosemary

  1. Do you ever wonder how things like cat’s cradle get passed from one place to another, one generation to another? I never knew that it was more than just an American thing! (Typical US-centric attitude….)

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    • I’ve never thought much about it. I remember doing it at schoo in NZ, and my mum saying she’d done the same, but she went to school in Scotland, so I guess without thinking I assumed migrants took games with them in the same way they took music and recipes and language.
      I do wonder if, in these internet-driven days, kids still play such games.

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        • Great. I wonder (if it’s still around) whether it’s one of the gendered things (like marbles seems to be for boys here). I remember being really surprised when I took my toddler son to a play-group, how quickly children seemed to start playing differently along gender lines. The boys seemed to drive it — girls were happy to play with any of the toys, but boys seemed to monopolise some, and ignore others. I don’t know if you have noticed that too, or whether my “sample” was too limited (and contained some particularly alpha-male four year olds!)


          • Yes, it still seems to be true, though my grandsons seem to know that there is no such thing as a girl’s toy or a boy’s toy. On the other hand, when I made my grandson’s bed with one of my daughter’s girly sheets, he refused to sleep in the bed!

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          • Probably not. I think it has always been more acceptable for a girl to want “boy” things—sports, blocks, cars, monsters, etc.—than vice versa. There is stigma for a boy to be seen as girlish because there is a societal bias that sees girls as inferior. For a girl to want boyish things may seem odd but it acceptable since being a boy has more status. Even in 2019, I fear.

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  2. I could never make a cat’s cradle, but my daughter could! I wonder if she has taught her daughters? Always seems to be a girl thing. And my rosemary hardly ever has flowers even though it seems very healthy.

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    • It would be interesting to know. My perception is that it was definitely a girl-thing, but I will ask my brothers if they remember Mum showing them.
      My rosemary seems to be all flowers at the moment — happy bees!

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