18 thoughts on “Silent Sunday: lights

  1. We have a local display called Bright Nights around Christmas time here, but it is nowhere near as beautiful as what you photographed. It’s mostly cartoon characters to entice children and their parents to pay money to drive through the park.

    Hope you didn’t lose power.

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    • That’s sad. Ours was free, and set up along an area of the waterfront, so there were some lovely reflections of coloured light on the water. There are lots of cafes and bars in the area — which I’m sure benefited from all the extra foot traffic, but there was no actual charge to see the light installations. And some of them were really good.
      There were no power cuts in the end, though the wind was really wild. I still haven’t had a chance to really try out my beeswax candles!

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  2. Hope the power outage wasn’t too long? It very seldom happens around here as all the cables are laid deep into the ground. But when it happens every second seems too long! 😂 What comfortable creatures we have become!

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