24 thoughts on “Understands irony, but still a jerk

  1. The only thing I can possibly like about this is the fact that the garbage was ‘considerately’ put into a box instead of scattered around.

    One of the biggest littering problems we have here are disposable coffee cups. The damn things are everywhere. It irks me to no end when I’m on a forest trail and find a coffee cup wedged into the crevice of a tree or garbage tossed from a vehicle onto the side of the road.

    It’s such a simple concept – if you carry it in, carry it out. Too bad there are those who are too ‘precious’ to follow such a simple rule. I would love to see those people forced into a weekend garbage pickup along roads and in parks.

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    • I really do wonder about the mindset of people who litter. It is totally anathema to me, but I guess I was brought up in a less disposable world. We generated less garbage to start with, and were surrounded by adults who would totally shame anyone who littered. I’m thinking particularly of an uncle (an Aussie who lived in Canada), who regarded all litter as a personal affront.

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      • Su – it is a mindset for sure – and we were once in stand-still traffic – cars off (accident being cleared in front of us) and a few folks got out of their cars.
        This young man – gets out of his shiny black Mercedes with glossy wheels- he leaned over the guard rail and looked around – and then had something in his bad that he crinkled and tossed. What? So unexpected – he seemed all classy – even tho I don’t love Mercedes – they are nice and all – and how classless and tacky

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      • You make a good point. If we didn’t put our garbage where it belonged, we definitely heard out it. Now children witness their parents in all manner of abhorrent behaviour so where are they learning manners and acceptable social behaviour.

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  2. Sigh! It seems an impossible ask for some people to take their rubbish home. I’ve noticed more rubbish on the road sides lately. Takeaway rubbish – McDonalds, KFC etc proliferate and unbelievably similar ‘jerks’ drive all the way out to our isolated road to dump their rubbish rather than spend a few dollars (less than the drive costs probably) at the land fill.

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