22 thoughts on “Nature’s beadwork

  1. Amazingly and beautifully purple!! I’m currently making beads for necklaces and earrings out of clay but none will have this intense a colour because those glazes almost all contain poisonous metals which wouldn’t be advisable when worn directly on skin. 😊

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    • I didn’t know that! I know so little about glazes, but of course they will contain metals. I guess you have to be really careful in glazing objects that will be used for food and drink too.

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      • Most glazes don’t contain any heavy metals any longer, and the ones that do are marked with the typical skull and bones sign. It would actually be okay to use the latter for jewelry but of course not for china if there’s food going to be served with them. If you ever happen to see amazingly beautiful painted china with radiant colors it will probably be kept in a display cabinet. Even back in the day these glazes were usually used for artwork rather than everyday stuff. 🙂

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