Remembering the blue days

Music is a powerful trigger for memories; a way to reflect on what has changed and what stays the same.

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"And I tell myself it's just a blue day. And it's hard to see it any other way ..." 'Blue Day', Colin Bayley & Murray Burns (1983). B&W shot of unmade bed. Image: Su Leslie, 2015.“And I tell myself it’s just a blue day. And it’s hard to see it any other way …” Blue Day, Colin Bayley & Murray Burns (1983). Image: Su Leslie, 2015.


It’s 1984 and I’m in a state of metamorphosis. The life I’ve fallen into since leaving my parents’ home has become as constraining and ill-fitting as that which I originally fled.

I cut my hair very short and bleach it very blonde. I acquire a wardrobe of vintage clothes; oversize men’s shirts, pencil skirts and beaded cardigans.

I catch glimpses of an unfamiliar woman in the mirror and wonder why she doesn’t look happy. Some days the world beyond my bed is a void I’m afraid that I will fall into and become lost forever.

I listen to a lot of music. Sometimes it makes me feel better.

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20 thoughts on “Remembering the blue days

  1. Thank you for sharing a slice of your Blue Period. It evokes memories of my own: I, too, listened to a lot of music (mostly because it allowed me to cry with wild abandon). I, too, dyed my hair – not blonde but some strange shade of brown, and in an act of rebellion, grew it long long long (I was never permitted to have long hair growing up).

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  2. I know the feeling of having to escape the constraints of the life I grew up with. But, as you say, most of us muddle through and, hopefully, get it right in the end. To a happy medium in my case – I discovered quite quickly I wasn’t cut out to be a rebel, but i’ve lived a more outward looking life than my parents.

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  3. I remember those years when I would endlessly listen to music too. I don’t know why but I seldom do this anymore which is a shame really. The weird thing is, I always listened to music that would make me feel even more blue than I already was! 😂 Instead of some lovely Reggae to cheer me up. 😊

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