19 thoughts on “Moments of solitude and quiet contemplation

      • Yes, just had some serious trouble with a party loving neighbour last sunday who ‘entertained’ the whole street with her techno and rave music – it was just horrible and went on for hours. At one point I gave in and called the police which I’ve never done before who then told me that several others also called in. Unfortunately (?) they stopped partying and left before the police arrived. I felt completely exhausted for the rest of the day. 😯

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        • How horrible — and exhausting. I am amazed and perplexed by people who lack sufficient self-awareness to realise that the entire neighbourhood might not share their taste in music — or at least not at high volume for hours on end.
          We have a neighbour whose son has loud parties every weekend when his parents go to their beach house. He does usually turn the music off around midnight (he also starts around lunchtime some days), but sometimes afterwards I’m tempted to put a speaker next to the dividing fence and play some hymns or brass band music early in the morning just to see how he likes it.

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