Teenage Kicks


‘Teenage Dreams’ Belfast mural dedicated to Derry band The Undertones song ‘ Teenage Kicks’ Image credit: DMc Photography

Some songs burst into your consciousness with an immediacy that is never forgotten. Others slide in when you aren’t looking and take hold so that when you do stop to think about it, it seems they’ve always been there.

For BBC Radio 1 host and all-round music guru, John Peel, Teenage Kicks by the Undertones was definitely in the former camp. Until his death in 2004, he consistently named it as his favourite song ever.

For me, it’s in the latter. It wasn’t until a friend’s band covered it in the mid 1980s that I realised I knew all the words and could sing along.

It’s a brilliant song.

My dear friend Sarah at Art Expedition is hosting 30 Days, 30 Songs for the month of June. You can see her latest post here.

Why not join in β€” as Tracy at Reflections of an Untidy Mind so brilliantly puts it β€œcasual players welcome.”

22 thoughts on “Teenage Kicks

  1. I like Teenage Kicks too. So many songs of around that era have similar qualities – they were fresh, artsy, exciting and humorous, not in a ‘let me tell you a joke’ way, but just had something that made you smile.

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