A simple song

Aged image of Wairere Falls, Whakatane, New Zealand. Image focuses on last two drops where falls enter stream at ground level. Image: Su Leslie 2019

Wairere Falls, Whakatane. Image: Su Leslie 2019

There isn’t really a story to go with my choice of Cavatina for 30 Days, 30 Songs. It is an incredibly beautiful piece of music and I’ve been humming it all day.

Cavatina is a musical term, originally describing a short, simple song. The most famous is composed by Stanley Myers, performed by John Williams and used as the theme for the 1978 film, The Deer Hunter.

As for the waterfall; in my mind it just fits somehow.

The very talented Sarah at Art Expedition is hosting 30 Days, 30 Songs during the month of June. You can see her latest song choice here.

25 thoughts on “A simple song

  1. John Williams is one of favourite guitarists in my large classical guitar collection. I like this soothing piece of music very much and listen to it often. A fine example of bringing peace to my heart in a world of screaming voices. Thank you, Su!

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