The man who sold the world

This is a song of my childhood; one of those pieces of music that was memorable enough I could sing along to it, but which created no strong emotions or associations.

It wasn’t until I saw Kurt Cobain perform an acoustic version on MTV Unplugged that I really began to appreciate it.

Here’s the original Bowie release from 1971 as a comparison.

My dear friend Sarah at Art Expedition is hosting 30 Songs, 30 Days during June. You can see her latest musical choice here.

25 thoughts on “The man who sold the world

  1. This made me wonder if I missed out on something because clearly your impression wasn’t formed by he music(al quality) at all but by the visual presentation….. I’ve never owned a TV (but had to suffer from one for some years before my 1st marriage dissolved – not because of TV watching mind you) and I never missed it. I buy loads of DVDs and get by with those and cinema visits, life concerts etc…. It’s an interesting option though and one I’ll give some more thought (when my mind will allow it!)

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    • Actually, I although I first found it in a visual setting, I like the rawness of Kurt Cobain’s interpretation. And I’m a fan if “unplugged”, stripped-back music generally.


    • I wasn’t even aware of the Lulu version until I was finding the YouTube link — it mustn’t have been a hit here 🤨
      I did think of including it in the post, as I like it, but am worried I’m testing readers’ patience with so much music.
      It did remind me though of another Lulu song …

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