Persimmon and walnut muffins … with Nina

img_4744 Persimmon, ginger and walnut muffins. Image: Su Leslie 2019

Saturday morning breakfast; coffee and muffins and the fabulous Nina Simone.

Like other artists I’ve included in my 30 Days, 30 Songs list, Nina Simone has provided much of the soundtrack to my adult life and I struggled to select just one song.

But this one is upbeat and perfect for a Saturday morning — and I do like the video.

We’re nearing the end of the 30 Days, 30 Songs challenge hosted by Sarah at Art Expedition. You can see her latest musical choice here.

Another not-exactly-Six-Word-Saturday; a challenge hosted by Debbie at Travel with Intent.

35 thoughts on “Persimmon and walnut muffins … with Nina

  1. Persimmons…..are an acquired taste, I think. This worked! And it is wonderful. A friend of mine named her daughter Simone. Her mom was not amused. I thought of Nina right away, and loved it. Excellent choice, Su.

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    • 😀 I know a couple of young women called Simone, but I hadn’t made the Nina connection — more just that they’re nice French names.
      I love persimmons — we get the kind you can eat while they’re still crisp. I like them better than the really mooshy variety.

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      • Sorry Su; I thought of kaki….. and there, another thing that strikes me regularly. I ‘met’ kakis first on a trip to Italy, where the ripe fruits literally and naturally fell on our breakfast table outside the b&b we booked – it was both very messy (FALLING ripe fruit) and divinely good.
        But then, in France and Switzerland, we also got those other kakis, much firmer, but also quite tasteless. I love them when ripe, when the goodness drips over the thin skin and the blubbery, gloopy but delicious innards spill unto your spoon – and I’ve come to hate the hard, mostly unripe type because it’s always a deception. I only recently found out that they are both Japanese fruits and have different names.
        In the UK they were called Sharon fruits and everywhere I lived since that trip to Italy (UK, CH, F) I rarely find those delicious fruits in their ripe state. Keeping them unripe, you can keep them nearly ad eternum, but they never get ‘good’… The best place to buy them (the way I like it, but maybe I’m biased from that first trip where I got hooked) is Switzerland. When I see them anywhere and they look OK, I buy them. Great, great fruit!
        Sorry for the confusion. It’s Saturday and my mind is not (yet) fully awake. I also have often a problem with my constant language mix of Swiss German/German/French/English. Hope to be excused 😉

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        • I’d never heard them called Kaki before — though Sharon fruit I’m familiar with.
          Here we can buy them firm, and they ripen fully overs few days in the fruit bowl. Even the firm ones here are really tasty, but I know what you mean about food grown for longevity and convenience at the expense of taste.

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  2. That is, indeed, excellent and I agree it’s hard to choose just one Nina Simone song. I think i’d go for I Put a Spell on You.

    I’m coming to the conclusion we have quite similar musical tastes. I’ve just seen the title of your next post and I suspect that is going to prove it …

    Muffins look great too!

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  3. I couldn’t play the video (rats!) but know the song luckily. 😄 Nina Simone is one of my mum’s favourites, and so has become one of mine as well. 😄 The muffins are so yummy looking!

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