Walkabout whimsy

24 thoughts on “Walkabout whimsy

  1. brilliant! I am just back from the market, passing an optician display and wondering, why on earth they had a (race) bike in the shop, and not only glasses….. Because: The name of the shop holder (Marion’s xxxxx shop) was neatly and very visibly stencilled on the bar πŸ™‚

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  2. Great murals! I’ve heard that the city is pretty generous with offering walls for street artists which is awesome and should be handled like that all over big cities in my mind. 😊

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    • I think that must be the case. The street art around Flinders Lane in the CBD has become a major tourist attraction (which the city actively promotes).
      A couple of cities here have embarked on large-scale, publicly-funded street art projects. I guess it’s for the same reason and just hope it doesn’t lead to β€œsafe” populist work at the expense of more creative, challenging proposals.

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