This must be Thursday. I never could get the hang of Thursdays. — Douglas Adams

I read this Douglas Adams’ quote recently and had something of an “aha” moment.

Thursday — not the start of the week when I’m energetic and ticking things off lists like there’s no tomorrow, and not quite the end, when I can convince myself that what’s left on the list can wait until next week. A day of shuffling ideas rather than giving any of them form.

Today is more Thursday-ish than usual since my time has been rather pleasantly bent out of its usual shape by last week’s impromptu trip to Melbourne.

But, to quote from Douglas Adams again:

I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I needed to be.

56 thoughts on “Thursdaying

  1. That last one: Story of my life! πŸ˜‰

    But now, that photo: I can’t get over it – such beauty, such style, such ‘everything’ – makes me wanna weep for its impact! Are there REALLY still people about writing with a ‘plume’? For many, many years, I kept my fountain pen with a golden, wide point and I bought tons of purple coloured ink cartridges. Now that I think of it (as I did often over the past years), I still wonder WHERE has it gone, my beloved, deep blue and quite expensive fountain pen?! Lost, left, put somewhere safe, never to be found again? I don’t know. Maybe I’ll find it when we will move back to Switzerland sometime in the future.
    So many feelings in one photo, the mug with the heart, the cahier with photos of flowers, the mood, the magazines in a blurry background – magic!

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    • I’m so glad you like the image, and I hope you find your pen one day.
      I would be lost without a good pen; it’s something I am quite obsessive about. This one is a Rotring art pen — not paticularly expensive, but nice to write with. It’s the latest in a succession of such pens and is approaching the end of its useful life. I am starting to look at replacements — and very keen to find one that has a reservoir, rather than needing cartridges, especially as Rotring only seem to make black and blue cartridges these days and I so want to use beautiful coloured inks again.

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  2. Lovely still life. Fab notebook. Do you keep a diary then? I have a garden notebook in which I jot down plants I like, want, can never have… There is something about writing things down. The OH says I am a list obsessive πŸ˜…

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    • Thank you Jude.
      I’m a list obsessive too. If it’s not written down these days, it tends not to happen.
      I don’t keep a diary as such; but have a series of these blank notebooks for different things. One is a kind of journal of ideas and observations, another is for craft projects and I have one for recipes. The latter two are recent acquisitions. I am trying to be more precise in how I do things so that I can replicate them, and so I generate less waste.

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  3. That is such a beautifully composed photo, Su. I very much appreciate a good notebook and pen. I find it hard to take the time to actually write all the things I would like to write, though. Seems to be too much going on. Since I work Tuesday and Wednesday, Thursday is always a day either to run errands and/or just relax, so I like it. It’s also the day I participate in Thursday Doors, so that’s always fun. Right now I am watching today’s stage of the Tour de France, so I am loving it and the heat wave has taken a break overnight. All good.

    Really like the last quote.


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  4. Such a wonderful quote that truly makes total sense. Some of my best decisions are those that made them for me. You know? Stacks of books, a mug, a pen…..such a great image, Su. Happy Thursday to you.

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    • Thank you. Yes, the mug was bought from a couple of local ceramic artists, years ago. I loved the work they were doing at that time and have several mugs and bowls. That one is my favourite.
      The images are heavily edited photos I’m thinking of printing onto fabric transfer paper to use in collage. I stuck them in the journal as a reminder.

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  5. Love Douglas Adams, love the quotes and love your beautiful still life! It shows all the things I love – a notebook, a pen, a stylish pair of glasses, a cup of tea/coffee?, photos you can touch (!) and inspiration sources (those magazines). πŸ˜„ xxx

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    • Sarah, I too had – at one time – a Lamy cartridge fountain pen…. another one to look for once I’ll find the time for stuff like that!!!! And I loved the fact that I could change colours, they had that lovely rich purple, a very satisfying deep green and a gorgeous blue…. Funnily enough I still have cartridges ‘flying’ about but not the pens.

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      • I know! The colours are really amazing, right? I’ve tried out other inks as well but so far haven’t found anything better. I think handlettering is becoming a new trend in the artsy world and I’m so glad about it too. My handwriting needs much improvement though before I start including it in my art. πŸ˜„
        I really hope you’ll find all your pens – I’ve found one of my lost ones in June: a very happy moment. 😊

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