Quick, before it melts

Raw chocolate raspberry slice. Image: Su Leslie 2019

Experimenting with a new recipe for something a little sweet but without dairy and refined sugar. This slice contains almond meal, coconut oil, buckwheat, rice syrup, raspberries, chia seeds and very dark chocolate. Once I got it out of the fridge, the raspberry layer began to melt pretty quickly.

The photo isn’t great, but the slice tasted pretty good.

Ragtag Daily Prompt | melt

50 thoughts on “Quick, before it melts

      • got it…
        and side note – I just got this immune system herbal liquid drops (source naturals) and was pleasantly surprised that it had honey.
        I have had such little sweet tasting stuff – not complaining because sometimes stevia allowed me a nice Bev – or some berries (certain fruits are a no no cos of the high sugar – like bananas, mangoes, grapes – etc – because healing the body’s terrain has to be done with as little sugar as possible – at least for us)
        anyhow, all week this liquid-drop formula has been a huge treat – partly because of the herbs and it did boost my energy – and wellness feeling – but it was also that honey – I was reminded of how wonderful honey can be – (not too much of course…) ahhhh


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