43 thoughts on “Anything but silent Sunday

    • Ambitiously, seven chairs!! I bought an op-shop dining chair and pulled it apart, which gave me ideas of refurbishing our exisiting chairs to make a new “set”. Of course it is a much bigger job than anticipated, but hopefully will allow us to keep using furniture we like, rather than having to buy new.

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        • We have a huge garage; half of which is taken up with the Big T’s motorcycle restoration projects — all five of them!!
          So annoying about the jigsaw. Would it be worth trying to find a second-hand jigsaw to cannibalise for parts? Or get a new part 3D printed? T did that with car parts and it’s worked really well. But to be fair, he’s an engineer and has a friend who printed them for us so it was a low-cost option.

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          • Five bikes is a great project. Hopefully lovely old bikes that will be ridden one day. I have been on the search but I suspect it is an inherent fault. The part needs to be tough steel. It is the guide that sits behind the blade so all that rubbing wears the pin

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          • Katanas Is it an ED1 or later model like a GS 550 M would be cool. I’m going that he’s got a GSX1100S. I remember the GSX1100T at the Castrol 6 Hour Race. I worked on the track in those days. But hey you would like them gone so there’s more space I bet.
            I like a woman who knows her way around tools and can do stuff. Always room in my shed for her 🙂


          • All GSX 750s. I’m totally cool with them in the garage; he’s been really good about making space for my projects 😀
            I really love making stuff, and ironically am the only one of my dad’s kids who does. He would never let me use his tools because I’m a girl, and now he’s finally proud of what I can do.

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          • I’m slightly envious. I guess my dad just couldn’t get his head around the thought of a girl wanting to use wood-working tools. He’s given most of his tools away now, including some of his father’s (my grandad was a locksmith), mainly to my step-brothers. T has a lot of his father and grandfather’s tools and they are well-used and loved in this household.

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        • I think so. We bought the chairs from Ikea when we lived in the UK and built the table to put them around. We still have the table — much strengthened when we got access to better tools.
          They are essentially, the first (only) dining chairs T and I bought as a couple, so I’m a bit sentimental. But more importantly — the frames are in excellent condition and I hate the idea of throwing them out. Almost as much as I dread the thought of trying to buy new (affordable) furniture that isn’t made of horrible composites that will off-gas for years.

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  1. You sound like me when I try to describe a tool to the Home Depot people.

    Me: “I need a thingy. You know it’s like a hook, but closed? You can hang things from it? But you push a flap first? Like a giant safety pin, but not pointy at the end?”

    Clerk: “Do you mean an eye hook or a carabiner, Ma’am?”

    Me: “Uhh, maybe?”

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