31 thoughts on “Words I probably shouldn’t repeat Wednesday

  1. I so agree, Su. The cup is lovely. I believe that with tea, a china cup allows you to get the full taste of the tea much more than a ceramic mug. Ceramic stands up to coffee better because coffee is so strong compared to tea. But many teas have a very delicate flavor best savored in china.


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    • Thank you Janet. That makes such sense. It’s only in the last few years I’ve started to buy good quality loose leaf teas rather than supermarket teabags, and I probably wouldn’t have noticed a difference. I like tea from the biggest vessel I can find, and that tends to be mugs rather than fine china.

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  2. Love the mug!! And would have guessed it to be a William Morris design of you hadn’t said so in your last reply. 😉 I bought my mum some lovely china cups printed with his Strawberry Thief design which is one of my favourites. He was such an exceptional artist!

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